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Low Cost Hedging Strategies in a Volatile Market

Asset allocators and portfolio managers (PM) have had many sleepless nights in 2015 with the global markets being very volatile. The S&P 500 has been essentially flat for 2015, the bond markets have been under press anticipating a rising interest rate environment, commodities have been under strong downward pressure and Europe is teetering on recession. […]

IPS Found the Good in Derivatives

By: Lori Pizzani from Structured Retail Products.com Dominick Paoloni started his career in the early 1980s as many others have in the financial services industry – working at, then running, a broker-dealer firm. But he says that he subsequently realized the fallacy of the broker-dealer model, and after starting to find good investment managers, evaluating alpha […]

West Coast Boutique Crafts Custom Structured Products

By: Yakob Peterseil from Structured Products Magazine Like someone who believes that what he is saying should be plainly obvious to all, Dominick Paoloni rattles off the shortcomings he sees with the structured products sold by Wall Street. These firms charge excessive fees, he says, have long tenors and point-to-point payouts, and expose investors to […]

Advisor’s Epiphany Leads to Options

By: Libby Dubick Dubick & Associates for OIC Advisor Publications “We just got audited,” said Dominick Paoloni, President of IPS Strategic Capital, in Denver, Colorado. “After determining that the vast majority of my clients were retirees, and that they were all in options-driven strategies, the auditor asked me if I thought it was prudent. “Options […]

Custom Structured Investments: How to Combat the Devil in the Details

By: Dominick Paoloni, CIMA®   The popularity of structured investing is slowly moving its way through the financial community mainstream. Structured investing is a sophisticated technique that allows investors to reduce or eliminate the downside market risk, or leverage the returns, of the underlying asset class. By blending structured investments into a portfolio mix that […]

Protecting Your Portfolio: Is it Time to Change Your Ways?

By: Dominick Paoloni, CIMA® Managing money is extremely difficult and ever changing. According to AARP, the two greatest concerns of their members are outliving their income and not having enough savings to retire. During the last twelve years the capital markets have exacerbated this problem with volatile stock markets and crashing real estate values. Good […]