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Time to Get Real With Real Estate

By: Dominick Paoloni, CIMA®   The majority of US consumers list their home as their largest asset. According to The Financial Times, mortgages average approximately 50% of total home value. The average US home value has dropped 30% since 2008, wiping out approximately $9 trillion of equity (Zillow.com). Because of the leverage a mortgage affords, […]

Should You Stay the Course Through This Down Market?

Can past market cycles help us with future investment decisions? The year is 1966: the Baltimore Orioles just won the World Series, the Houston Astro-Dome makes its debut, Star Trek airs its first season, and the stock market has been in a sixteen-year up trend. The American Dream is in full swing. Who would have […]

Heading to Shore

By: Illana Polyak, Morningstar Advisor At least once a year, Dominick Paoloni flies to the British Virgin Islands, rents a 50-foot catamaran for a week, and sails the Caribbean Sea. The trips, which tend to coincide with favorable winds, take him to one or two islands a day. The rest of the time is spent […]

Changing The Way You Invest- Managing Risk, Not Predicting Return

By: Dominick Paoloni, CIMA®   With the market dropping over 400 points on Friday, June 6th on the back of increasing unemployment numbers and an increasing possibility of recession, the average investor is looking for answers about what to do. All the financial pundits on television and the print media are giving opinions from selling […]