What We Do

Established in 1993, Denver-based IPS Strategic Capital is dedicated to protecting clients’ wealth while generating consistent, non-volatile returns regardless of market conditions.  Founder and CIO Dominick Paoloni has spent over 35 years analyzing the numerous problems with traditional investing and Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT).  This experience has led to the development of investment strategies that successfully address many of the problems inherent in MPT.

IPS provides high-quality investment consulting advice and services to pensions, endowments, financial advisors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals and families.  We specialize in defining and managing risk, enabling investors to participate in a significant portion of the market’s upside, while protecting against catastrophic losses on the downside.  Our strategies offer true, mathematically defined, non-correlated diversification, strengthening the resilience of portfolios when the market experiences volatility.

The firm’s flagship is the IPS Strategic Capital Absolute Return Strategy (ARS), which is available as a mutual fund (IPSAX).  To learn more please visit our fund website by clicking here.  IPS also offers innovative, highly efficient strategies through our Protected Growth Program.

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