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IPS Fiduciary 401K Advisors Can Chart Your Course

Our firm specializes in providing valuable assistance to business owners and plan sponsors by helping them set clear intentions for their company’s future. We excel in implementing retirement plans that not only support the success of the business but also cater to the financial well-being of its employees. With a dedicated focus on managing the intricacies of the retirement plan, we aim to alleviate the burden from our clients, enabling them to concentrate on effectively managing their business and maximizing its growth.


At our firm, we offer a comprehensive range of Group Retirement Plans to suit the diverse needs of our clients:

1. Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

2. Traditional 401(k) Plans

3. Profit-Sharing Plans

4. Solo 401(k) Plans

5. Simple IRA Plans

6. SEP IRA Plans

7. Defined Benefit Plans

8. Cash Balance Plans

9. Open-Architected 401(k) Plans

10. 3(38) Investment Management for Non-Fiduciary Advisors

11. Independent Fiduciary Reviews


With our expertise and dedication, we are equipped to manage and optimize these retirement plans, empowering businesses to foster a secure financial future for both their organization and employees.