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Learn More About our Consulting below:

      At IPS Strategic Capital, our comprehensive consulting services for pensions, endowments, and 401(k) plans are designed to deliver superior performance and effective risk management in your investment portfolios. By leveraging our decades of experience and dedication to fiduciary principles, we ensure that every investment strategy is tailored to meet your unique financial goals at a better price.

     Our structured and rigorous program design and implementation process guarantees that each investment decision aligns with your specific needs. We meticulously analyze prospective investments to ensure they meet our high standards for performance and risk management. Our team of specialists will partner with you throughout the entire process, from strategic planning and implementation to ongoing performance monitoring, providing continuous education and support.

Personalized Planning:

IPS creates strategies tailored to your financial goals, ensuring robust and reliable plans with seamless execution.

Comprehensive Asset Management:

IPS offers decades of expertise in private equity, credit, real assets, and hedge funds, providing you access to specialized investments. 

Continuous Support and Education:


At IPS, our experts are here to answer your questions and provide educational resources, ensuring you stay confident in our team’s expertise.

Dr. Yosef

     Dr. Yosef Bonaparte, a distinguished finance professor with a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, specializes in Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain, AI, ML, asset pricing, and portfolio choice. His research is published in top journals like the Journal of Financial Economics, and he has authored influential books. Featured in media such as The New York Times and CNBC, Dr. Bonaparte bridges academic rigor with real-world applications. His expertise ensures IPS Strategic Capital’s consulting services are grounded in cutting-edge knowledge and practical insights.

Mr. Paoloni

     Dominick Paoloni, Founder and CIO of IPS Strategic Capital, has over 30 years of investment experience. He founded IPS in the mid-90s as a fiduciary firm, rejecting Wall Street’s commission-driven models. With a CIMA® certification from Wharton and CFP program completion, Dominick is known for innovative portfolio strategies and is featured in major financial publications. His dedication to protecting clients’ interests defines his leadership at IPS Strategic Capital.

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