IPS Stock Replacement Strategies are innovative investment strategies that allow for exposure to a particular asset class while mitigating much of the downside risk associated with that exposure.  Our Stock Replacements increase the probability of hitting targeted returns. We structurally manage portfolios to share in the gains of the S&P 500, while customizing the liquidity to the needs of each client.

By using only exchange-traded products, we are able to ensure the liquidity and flexibility of our Stock Replacements.  A similar product created by Wall Street has very rigid terms, long duration, and high fees with virtually no liquidity.  By letting IPS build and manage this investment, you can enjoy the benefits of mark-to-market pricing, full transparency, and the liquidity of exchange traded products at a fraction of the cost.

Customizable based upon risk profile and investment goals.

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* IPS Defined Outcome Investments use a diversified basket of defined maturity coupon bonds where the coupon is reinvested in the bond pool on a monthly basis.  This means the yield to maturity (YTM) and the discount rate are not 100% accurate and may cause tracking error in the notes.  Although Defined Outcome Investments contain a diversified portfolio of bonds, they also contain default risk as well as risk to changes in the discount rate.
Any statistics regarding the performance of Defined Outcome Investments are hypothetical.  The hypothetical payoff profile is assuming that the investor holds the product for the full duration.  If the Defined Outcome Investment is liquidated early, results may vary.  The hypothetical performance measures are obtained using the best available information at the time of designing the Defined Outcome Investments.  This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy any securities.  The exact payoff profile of any product will depend on market conditions when purchasing or selling the underlying assets in the Defined Outcome Investments.  Please consult an investment advisor before making any investment decisions.
IPS Defined Outcome Investments invest in exchange listed options to gain equity market exposure.  Options can be highly volatile investments, one should consult a professional before investing in options.  The IPS Defined Outcome Investments invest in a basket of highly diversified high-yield corporate bonds.  The hypothetical payoff profile of the Defined Outcome Investment is assuming that none of the debt held defaults.  While diversifying the debt has been shown historically to help mitigate default risk, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.  If one or more of the companies held in the basket of high yield corporate debt defaults, the performance of the Defined Outcome Investments may vary.