building financial plans that outlive you

The Financial planning community is rife with groupthink and a herd mentality approach to financial planning.  Many of the planning decisions are very cut and dry.  Should you pay off your mortgage?  What’s the best vehicle for saving for your children’s college?  When should you start taking your social security? etc. 

A professional planner should know these cookie-cutter answers.  Where a planner fails to deliver is understanding how to deploy those assets to ensure that the plan financially meets many of these questions.

A good financial plan is like a dartboard with the bullseye being the most important aspect of the plan and how the capital is invested.

Here at IPS Strategic Capital, we are in the business of people.  We live by the values of Integrity, Prosperity, and Security and leverage our deep expertise to protect our client’s wealth. We work hard to earn your trust, and we would never invest in anything in which we wouldn’t first put our own money into. 

When crafting a financial plan, we follow four simple steps to formulate the best solutions that meet your need.

Step 1—We empathize with your financial concerns and seek to understand where you are financially and in your life.

Step 2 – You define your financial vision that fulfills your personal goals.

Step 3 – We explore the best options that aligns your financial goals with your personal goals.

Step 4 – We collaborate to implement the best financial plan that insures a successful retirement journey.

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