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"Ignite Your Career and Step Into Your Future Through the IPS Finance Intenrship"

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For our Finance Internship in Denver,we provide a Summer learning experience from the months of: (June-August)

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To apply, email Mallory@investps.com with a copy of your resume and a cover letter. 

What Students Say about Our Finance Internship?

Devin R Manager Corporate Finance at Da Vita

The hands-on knowledge I have gained as an intern at IPS will prove invaluable when I enter the job market next year. I have been given the opportunity to work in an energetic environment and utilize industry-wide tools only discussed in the classroom

Bobby F Financial Analyst at Wells Fargo

I had been looking for an internship opportunity at a cutting edge wealth management firm with a solid ethical foundation; that is exactly what I found at IPS. I am excited to learn from some of the brightest in the industry and gain invaluable experience and knowledge that will be useful for the rest of my career.

Stefanie W Financial Reporting at AUDIAG

IPS gives me the unique opportunity to learn from and work with energetic and emotional people and get exposed to real world finance and money management I cannot obtain through class. I truly believe my experience at IPS will help me to pursue the right way in the financial industry

Bryan O Senior Financial Analyst at TriZetto, A Cognizant Company

IPS has given me the experience and wisdom that I have been looking for since I started college. By working with expert investment professionals daily, I feel much more confident about jumping further into the job market.

Nick H Associate at Perella Weinberg Partners

The IPS internship offers a multitude of learning experiences in both financial planning and small-business ownership. The learning opportunities provided by Dominick and his team will prove indispensable to a career in financial analysis and planning.

Nathan L Equity Research at Stephens Inc.

Interning at IPS is a great introduction to the finance industry and has provided me with crucial experiences and knowledge that are not taught in college.

Samantha L Private Bank Analyst at JPMorgan Chase

The IPS internship provides a unique learning opportunity that connects the “real world” with academia, which will be extremely beneficial in pursuing a career in the financial industry

Josh H Performance Analyst at Cook Street Consulting Inc.

The IPS internship has provided valuable hands on experience in regards to the wealth management industry. I am eager to continue to work with the great team here at IPS, and excited for the knowledge I will gain.

Suren R Foreign Exchange Analyst at Wells Fargo

Interning at IPS has been incredible because I am forced to think outside the academic world, and push my potential to new levels.

Ivy Y Management Trainee at Sunshine Insurance Group

IPS has provided me the best platform to get hands on experience in derivatives trading and innovative strategies, and opens me the door of many exciting opportunities.

Chris E BAA Trading Solutions Analyst at BlackRock

This opportunity at IPS has opened my eyes to a whole new segment of the market often underutilized and not understood by many investors in the market today. This knowledge has the ability to change the way I looking at investment strategies from this point going forward.

Lidia Z Marketing Research Analyst at Dean Evans and Associates LLC

IPS has taught me so many aspects in finance that I will not learn in the classroom. Their professionalism has truly inspired me to strive to become a professional, no matter what side of the business aspect I choose to pursue. My experience here is an asset that will help me in my future endeavors

Adcy V Valuation Analyst at Janus Henderson Investors

The IPS internship provides you with immense knowledge and a great hands on experience in the financial industry.

Thomas C Account Executive at SmartAsset

Working for IPS allowed me to gain out of the box knowledge on hedging, and work alongside great quants.

Meet the Team, Quant Analyst
Brian H

The IPS internship provides its interns with a hands on experience two days a week, then an in depth class on derivatives 1 day a week. The classroom setting teaches options and derivatives that you wont find in a college class.

Vicente V Quant and Marketing Manager at IPS

Throughout my internship, I was entrusted with meaningful responsibilities that allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge I had gained in my studies to real-world scenarios. I was involved in various projects ranging from financial analysis and modeling to market research and strategic planning. The hands-on experience not only enhanced my technical skills but also helped me develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.

Meet the Team, Software Engineer
Christian W Full Stack Developer

I am delighted to share my incredible experience as a full stack developer intern with IPS. This internship has been an absolute game-changer for my career, allowing me to expand my technical skills, work on exciting projects, and grow both personally and professionally.

Coleman R Quant Analyst at IPS

The IPS internship allows me to expand my knowledge on hedging solutions and learn more about derivatives and options.

Walton N Full Stack Developer at IPS

IPS has presented me with the chance to learn from some of the best in the industry while also allowing me to apply my own technical expertise. The internship program has been key in sharpening both my technical and financial abilities, giving me the opportunity to utilize them in practical, real-world scenarios.

Dylan A Quant Analyst at IPS

Working at IPS has allowed me to expand my knowledge in options but I have also had the chance to be hands on in marketing, outreach and back testing.

Bader M Quant Analyst at IPS

IPS has given me the opportunity to learn more about derivatives and apply my knowledge to real word scenarios.

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