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Custom Wealth Management
That Keeps You Doing What You Love

Personalized Financial Planning

IPS Strategic Capital is the premier financial advisor in Denver. We prioritize personalized financial planning to ensure that our clients can focus on their passions without financial concerns. Our approach involves a deep understanding of each client’s financial situation and goals, allowing us to develop tailored strategies that optimize wealth management.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Our financial advisory firm provides comprehensive estate planning services, including custom wills and trusts, in collaboration with attorneys, at no extra cost, ensuring your estate plan aligns with your financial goals for a secure legacy.

Unparallelled Wealth Management

As a leading Financial Advisor in Denver,  we take risk management seriously.  Our wealth management approach focuses on minimizing downside risk to protect our clients’ investments, while also ensuring they benefit from potential market gains. Our strategies are designed to balance safety with growth opportunities, providing our clients with the best of both worlds. 

A Word From Our Founder

Financial Insights

Here's What Others Are Saying

IPS Strategic Capital
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Maxine ParryMaxine Parry
22:00 02 May 24
So happy I can finally be SURE my money is safe. This firm is attentive and always has answers when I have questions. My friends at other firms panic when the market goes down. Dom makes sure I'm still planning my vacations.
Laura WaldmanLaura Waldman
21:12 26 Apr 24
Don is extremely knowledgeable and was so easy to work with. He has really helped me to improve my financial portfolio!
Francie RoushFrancie Roush
18:41 03 Apr 24
Great experience! I had many options to choose from for compete financial planning. It is in great relief I chose Dominick and his staff to manage my money. Great communication and in field product knowledge. Would highly recommend !!
Kristen TrawKristen Traw
18:38 03 Apr 24
Dominick is the best financial advisor I’ve ever had! I feel confident in my money and retirement plan!
Karen BaskallKaren Baskall
16:24 03 Apr 24
Working with Dom is a real pleasureI love his transparent approach and outside the Box money management styleI trust Dom with myRetirement
jeanne Gilljeanne Gill
21:20 06 Feb 24
I have known Dominic for several years. He has made my life so much easier since I do not understand much about Financial. Planning. He's the best around and has done such an amazing job for me. I highly recommend him.
Jillian SmithJillian Smith
19:33 06 Feb 24
I’ve been working with IPS for a couple of years now and have always felt like they have my best interest in mind. Mallory has provided me with incredible customer service each time I reach out with questions and she is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend working with IPS!
Ryan ThomasRyan Thomas
16:34 06 Feb 24
IPS is the best for all your financial needs. I am third generation in my family to trust them with our money. Their customer service is second to none. We have had nothing but support, success and integrity for 15 plus years.
Dominick PaoloniDominick Paoloni
20:28 25 Jan 24
After 12 years of working on wall street I Realized I need to work in my clients best interest as a fiduciary.My clients always come first
Mallory BramerMallory Bramer
17:00 19 Jan 24
jesu christ'jesu christ'
17:54 27 Sep 23
Dominick is my Man!! He helps me out with whatever finance questions I have whenever I have them. He is very knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy which counts for a lot in an industry that will sell you products that do not keep your financial interests in mind and highly compensate the broker. Check out IPS, I cannot recommend them enough.
20:47 18 Sep 23
Dom's done a great job for me and I appreciate his dedication to my financial success.
visne susukvisne susuk
19:38 11 Sep 23
After going to a seminar and considering to purchase an annuity. I ended up talking with Dominick at IPS Strategic Capital. He convinced me to go with a much better option. The Index Treasury Note keeps my money liquid while also growing at market rates. I also have no risk because it is backed by a U.S T-bill. For anyone who is considering an annuity talk to Dominick first and seriously consider working with his firm.
16:30 15 Aug 23
IPS Strategic Capital is truly commendable for its commitment to nurturing growth and professional development. By exposing you to cutting-edge tools, assisting you in portfolio construction, quantitative optimization, and regression analysis, and offering extensive training in derivatives and trading strategies, IPS Strategic Capital is setting a high standard for hands-on learning in the financial industry. As a former intern at the firm, I noticed their emphasis on technical skills preparation for your future in the financial services sector demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that not only equips one with practical skills but also positions one for a successful career.
Walton NguyenWalton Nguyen
16:26 15 Aug 23
IPS Strategic Capital, led by the visionary CEO Dominick, has been a game-changer for my financial journey. Dominick's revolutionary insights and smart strategies have transformed the way I approach finance. Their personalized approach and commitment to staying ahead make IPS Strategic Capital an exceptional partner in achieving financial success.
Coleman RiebeColeman Riebe
16:24 15 Aug 23
The team at IPS has been managing my family's money for several years and we have been very impressed with the service and returns to date. IPS has a great investment strategy that is easy to understand and works well in any market environment. The decades of experience this team has in this volatile market environment are what keep me here and help me feel comfortable with my family's long term financial future.

“There Is No Greater Purpose Than Service To Others”

Working To Improve Our Community And World

Charity Work

Founder Dominick Paoloni sits as the Executive Vice Chair of Compass Rose International,  a charity dedicated to eliminating international child sex-trafficking and providing resources to help survivors. 

Internship Program

IPS Strategic Capital is commited to improving the financial industry by giving students the opportunity to hone their skills in a real-world environment, experience the dynamic nature of a financial firm,  and teach them the technical skills required to be a top-performer in their profession.

A Team of Passionate Professionals Ready to Help You Grasp Your Dreams.

Learn More About What We Do

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