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“Bonds no longer provide reliable diversification or an effective hedge.”

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Since 1996, IPS Strategic Capital has grown and protected wealth by generating consistent, non-volatile returns regardless of market conditions. We rely on mathematics, not speculation. We firmly believe there is a better, safer way to invest through the conservative use options to define tomorrow’s risk today.

The IPS Team

Dominick Paoloni, CIMA

Founder & CIO

Portfolio Manager, IPSAX
OIC Advisor Leadership Council
Adjunct Professor,
University of Denver
& University of Colorado

Patrick Hennessy, CMT

Head Trader

Patrick leads the trading team and is responsible for executing all equity and derivative transactions by utilizing his in-depth knowledge and understanding of options.

Mallory Bramer

Head of Administration

Mallory is responsible for ensuring that all office and client operations are optimized, and she is passionate about maintaining the highest level of satisfaction and client service at IPS.

Kirk Glienke, MS

Marketing Coordinator

Kirk’s goal at IPS is to ensure accurate, clear communication about IPS, its goals, and the value it provides to its clients.

Mahdi Mahjoub, MS

Senior Quant Analyst

Mahdi utilizes his knowledge of quantitative analysis, finance, and coding to perform in-depth back-tests and detailed regression analyzes for the firm.

Thomas Cusack

Account Executive

Thomas is focused on our communication and sales, educating interested investors about IPS risk management strategies and our hedging expertise.

Christian Wooldridge

Quant Analyst

Christian utilizes his knowledge of quantitative analysis, finance, and coding to perform in-depth back-tests and detailed regression analyzes for the firm. 

Adcy Vega

Quant Analyst

Adcy utilizes his knowledge of quantitative analysis and finance to perform in-depth back-tests and detailed regression analyzes for the firm.

IPS Bear Strategy

 The IPS Bear Strategy has proven to be a great overlay within a portfolio framework. Through the COVID-19 drawdown, a small allocation (appx. 5% of the portfolio) to the IPS Bear Strategy reduced the market drawdown in the S&P 500 from 34.4% to 10.8%. This real data demonstrates how a de minimus allocation to the IPS Bear strategy facilitated outperformance of the S&P 500 by over 15%

Dominick Paoloni, CIMA

Founder & CIO

Portfolio Manager, IPSAX
CIO & Founder

Adjunct Professor, University of Colorado
& University of Denver

TD Ameritrade Trading Panel

OIC Advisory Council

In my 30+ years of professionally managing money and building portfolios, I have found that all traditional financial models, including Markowitz, Bootstraps, Johnson Distribution, and G.A.R.C.H, have fatal flaws that become very evident in unstable, volatile markets.  It has been my life’s journey to define modeling tools that provide stable covariance through all types of market conditions. This journey has led me to the discovery that exchange-traded options provide the most powerful, efficient way to solve the modeling dilemma, which has enabled me to help my clients consistently grow their money regardless of market volatility.

As with any tool, one must learn how to use and apply options effectively and efficiently. To successfully harness options’ power as an unparalleled risk management tool requires expertise and diligence. At IPS, we have devoted ourselves to this task, and my experienced quant team and I have built a suite of low-cost hedging tools appropriate for pensions, endowments, advisors, and individual investors.  Our unique suite of hedging products has proven to define and reduce downside risk, always protecting against the downside, while simultaneously allowing our clients to participate in the market’s upside opportunities. Thus our mantra: Always Invested, Always Protected.


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