Using Options to Define Tomorrow’s Risk Today

IPS Strategic Capital provides Advisors, Endowments, Corporations, and High Net Worth Investors unrivaled asset protection through the implementation of expansible, low-cost options overlay strategies.

Established in 1996, Denver-based IPS Strategic Capital is dedicated to protecting clients’ wealth while generating consistent, non-volatile returns regardless of market conditions.

Our mission at IPS Strategic Capital is to build hedging tools that define risk tomorrow’s risks today. IPS offers investment management services to pensions, endowments, financial advisors, and high-net-worth individuals.

In my 30+ years managing money and building portfolios I have found that traditional modeling, be it, Markowitz, Bootstraps, Johnson Distribution, or G.A.R.C.H, all of these financial models have fatal flaws that show themselves in unstable volatile markets. It has been my life journey to define modeling tools that would provide stable covariance through all types of market conditions. This journey has led me to exchange-traded options to solve the modeling dilemma and find truth in helping my clients consistently grow their money without regard to market volatility.

As with any tool, one must learn how to use and apply that tool effectively and efficiently. This translates to reducing the cost while being effective to hedge downside events. With my experienced Quant team, we have been able to build a suite of hedging tools appropriate for pensions, endowments, advisors, and individuals. Our suite of hedging products has proven to define and reduce downside risk while at the same time allowing our clients to enjoy market upside opportunities.

Dominick Paoloni, CIMA

Portfolio Manager, IPSAX CIO & Founder

Adjunct Professor

TD Ameritrade Trading Panel

OIC Advisory Council

IPS Strategic Capital is dedicated to protecting your wealth by generating consistent, non-volatile returns regardless of market conditions. To accomplish this, we use options the way they were designed to be used, as insurance. We rely on mathematics, not speculation. Our team of engineers never stop seeking to add more edge to our suite of products. We operate at the optimal level to keep our investors secure. 

We do not speculate or attempt to time or predict the market. We do not take risks attempting to generate income by selling options for premium. We firmly believe there is a better, safer way to invest, and we very conservatively use options to define tomorrow’s risk today.