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building financial plans that outlive you

Why You Need A Financial Plan

Industry Trends

 Financial planning often follows conventional wisdom and trends, indicating a tendency towards groupthink.

Asset Developement

IPS Strategic Capital prioritizes Integrity, Prosperity, and Security, investing only in opportunities they would personally endorse.

IPS Strategic Capital Values

True expertise lies in strategically deploying assets to address individual financial concerns effectively.

Four-Step Approach:

        Empathizing with Clients: Understanding clients’ financial concerns and current              situations.

        Defining Financial Vision: Identifying clients’ personal goals and aspirations.

        Exploring Options: Considering various strategies to align financial goals with                    personal objectives.

        Implementing Tailored Plans: Collaboratively creating and adjusting a plan to                    ensure a fulfilling financial journey.


Complimentary Consultations: IPS Strategic Capital offers personalized guidance through complimentary consultations.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

At our firm, we offer comprehensive estate planning services designed to seamlessly integrate with your overall financial strategy, at no additional cost. Our experienced financial advisors collaborate closely with skilled attorneys to tailor custom wills and trusts that reflect your unique circumstances and future goals. 

This collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of your estate plan aligns with your financial objectives, providing peace of mind and a secure legacy for your loved ones. Trust us to guide you through every step, making the complex process of estate planning straightforward and stress-free.

Click the button to read our article on crafting a high quality estate plan.

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