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Market Structures

Backtest of IPS Fully Protected Note against Indices from 2000-2023

* 85% Participation, Fully Protected Note based on the S+P 500 Index.

IPS Fully Protected Note compared to the S&P 500 over the past 20 years: If someone had invested in one of our Fully Protected Notes at current interest rates, they would have outperformed the S&P 500 and NASDAQ during the time period. 

IPS Strategic Capital builds their notes using U.S Treasuries, there is no safer investment available that will protect principal with a government security, protect against market losses, and provide superior participation if the market gains. 

Not only is the IPS Raw Custom Structure incredibly safe, it has the added bonus of offering the ultimate diversification, combining the safety of a government bond with exposure to the whole of the S&P 500, which encompasses international diversification across all sectors. 

How To Read A PnL

Understanding Asymmetric Beta

S+P 500 Index Structures

XSP: December 2025
Fully Protected, 100% Upside Participation

S+P 500: December 2024, Fully Protected, 69.4% Upside

S+P 500: September 2024, Fully Protected, 65.4% Upside PArticipation

S+P 500: December 2024, 20.3% Buffer, 92.1% Upside Participation

S+P 500: September 2024, 21% Buffer, 94.8% Participation

Dow-Jones Index Structures

Dow-Jones: December 2024, Fully Protected, 88.2% Upside Participation

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