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What to look out for in senior scams


Recognize Common Scams

  • Impersonation Scams: Callers pretend to be from a trusted organization (e.g., IRS, Social Security Administration, tech companies) to trick you into sending money or disclosing personal
  • Lottery or Prize Scams: You’re told you’ve won a prize but need to pay taxes or fees to claim
  • Threatening Scams: Callers threaten legal action, arrest, or other penalties unless you pay a supposed debt or fine immediately.
  • Tech Support Scams: Claiming to be tech support from a well-known company, scammers say your computer is infected and offer to fix it for a fee.

Red Flags

  • Urgency: The caller pressures you to act quickly, often threatening consequences if you don’t comply immediately.
  • Request for Personal Information: Asking for sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, bank account details, or login credentials.
  • Payment Demands: Scammers often insist on specific payment methods like wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, or gift cards, which are nearly impossible to trace or refund.
  • Unsolicited Calls: Receiving a call out of the blue from a government agency or tech company. These organizations typically communicate through official letters or emails.

How to Avoid Scams

  • Call IPS Immediately: As financial experts we have experience identifying and avoiding
  • Do Not Provide Personal Information: Never share personal or financial information over the phone unless you initiated the call to a number you know is legitimate.
  • Hang Up and Call Back: If a caller claims to be from a legitimate organization, hang up and call the organization directly using a number you find on their official website or your account statements.
  • Use Caller ID with Caution: Scammers can spoof phone numbers to make it appear as if they are calling from a local number or a known organization.
  • Register with the Do Not Call Registry: This can reduce telemarketing calls, making it easier to identify potential scams.
  • Educate Yourself: Stay informed about current scam trends in your Many government websites and consumer protection organizations provide updates on new scams.

Additional Tips

  • Verify Information: Before acting on any requests for payment or information, verify the caller’s identity through independent sources.
  • Install Call-Blocking Tools: Use your phone’s built-in call-blocking features, or download a third-party app to help filter unwanted calls.
  • Report Scams: If you encounter a scam, report it to the appropriate authorities, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States, to help them track and stop scammers.

If you have been contacted recently for money and suspect a scam but are not sure call us as your next step at 303.697.3174 or email mallory@investps.com.

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